It’s back to CPAC tomorrow. I’ll be bringing some friends, meeting some friends, and hopefully engaging in some respectful and mutually informative conversations with folks of goodwill from the right side of that political spectrum that I’ve never really managed to find a place on. Maybe I’ll meet the guy or gal who will take Libertarianism back from gun nuts in period costumes and restore that respect for the intellectual defense of actual liberty that made guys like Thomas Jefferson so much fun at parties.

Or, maybe I’ll just see Ryan Sorba, a Young American for Freedom:

Say, Ryan – when you’re so homophobic that CPAC is booing you, you might want to take a step or two back. Get to know a gay person. Shake their hand. Hell, give them a big, all-American hug. But not too close. That’s the kind of thing that gets people wondering exactly what makes them so uncomfortable about the idea of same-sex attraction…