12:58 – Awww – now it’s time for our legislators to get on the bus that’s waiting outside so they can go vote. I find this charming, and convenient, as it will allow me to eat lunch.

12:57 – Wow. Whoever had “dead sister’s teeth” in the pool, collect your prize.

12:54 – Louise Slaughter! For the win!

12:51 – Joe Biden opens his mouth!

12:41 – Cantor’s decided that this has all gone far enough. Time to close ranks, stop pretending to want a solution, and just sling some BS.

12:39 – Cantor’s here, he brought his props, and he hasn’t listened to a word so far.

12:37 – “It’s a lot cheaper to insure people who promise not to get sick.” Nice one, Kathleen.

12:31 – Wow, Barack …that was COLD. Tells McCain he lost, then slaps FOX for good measure.

12:26 – Question: who wants to hear what John McCain has to say? Not his party, not the Dems … what’s he doing here?

12:22 – Wow. Sucks to be Rep. George Miller. He’s half man, half machine, all uninsurable.

12:16 – Four of Boustany’s top five donors are medical PACs. Worth noting.

12:11 – Bam! Obama just broke Boehner, then turned Kyl’s attempted counterpunch into a devastating throw. His kung fu is strong today.

12:06 – C’mon now Jim, this is turning into a Grandpa Simpson story.

12:03 – Clyburn is mainly just filling time here, nothing really new so far…

11:57 – Obama getting a little tetchy, but keeping it together.

11:53 – Jon Kyl is in Talking Points mode.

11:47 – Okay, POTUS has thrown down the ‘this is not government takeover’ gauntlet. Will GOP pick it up?

11:41 – Procedure fight! I think Mitch is counting the moderator’s time as Dem time. Semi-fair.

11:39 – Andrews is being sneaky-clever, and the Repubs know it.

11:35 – Obama steps in, but not to contradict. This’ll be a point for Camp if he realizes it’s time to shut up before he oversteps.

11:34 – Numbers flying thick and fast. Can the Dems counter with data? If not, I think Camp will pull out a point for the GOP.

11:32 – Wow – Dave Camp, suicide bomber. He’s throwing accusations and talking points like smoke grenades; I think he thinks Obama’s gonna cut him off.

11:26 – I … think Max Baucus is on drugs. He’s either about to throw up or burst out laughing.

11:25 – John Kline going positive – let’s see how POTUS returns serve.

11:18 – Hoyer: “You believe in this rhetorically, but it’s not in your legislation.”

11:17 – Steny Hoyer looks more Republican than the Republicans. He should ask Boehner for some melanin.

11:12 – Emerging theme: POTUS lets a Republican talk, then says he’s already incorporated their popular points into the bill. So far no real push-back, so it might work.

11:10 – Coburn has been the first disappointment of the summit. This is talking-point salad – a long walk for a short, irrelevant beer.

11:09 – Wow – that whole spiel was an attempt to stick tort reform to insurance fraud? Coburn is like a talking-points Mad Lib.

11:05 – Sen Coburn is a doctor – and he’s making doctor-references! That make no sense! Still!

11:02 – It’s a fight for the floor. Obama’s winning, but the substance will determine whether he looks like the adult or just petulant. This is going to come down to a facts-fight. Yay!

10:59 – Here we go. Gloves coming off – POTUS and Lamar Alexander getting into it on teh facktz.

10:53 – The jaws of the TRAP are closing. If something doesn’t happen to shake up the tone of this summit, everybody’s going to come off looking reasonable and the GOP will be utterly screwed.

10:51 – Reid’s prepared remarks don’t fit the flow of the discussion, but they’ll look good on cable.

10:49 – Repubs looking reasonable, Dems looking tough? This is madness!

10:45 – Harry Reid – sob story segues into RAW POWER. “You’re entitled to your own opinion, but not your own facts.” That’ll make SportsCenter highlights.

10:43 – Owtch. Health care as a right? Bad idea, bad politics.

10:40 – This is really just a great format. When these people have to sit together and look each other in the eye, they really do come off looking like leaders.

10:38 – Nancy Pelosi is SEVENTY YEARS OLD! Who cares that she can’t smile, that’s freakin’ amazing.

10:37 – The President is being-in-charge. He looks like the boss. Boehner and Admiral Ackbar were right! It’s a trap!

10:34 – Uh oh. Never mind – back to the scrap-everything talk. It’s on now.

10:30 – GREAT opener from the GOP. They look like conscientious adults who are looking to compromise. Major strategy shift? Are they really that afraid of reconciliation?

10:27 – Lamar is in the ZONE. Auto recall metaphor! Obama: secretly Japanese?

10:23 – Boom – Republicans playing tough-but-nice-ish. This might actually be interesting.

10:22 – This is amazing: http://sunlightfoundation.com/live/

10:18 – Newsflash: the President is speaking slowly to the American people, using easy words and short sentences.

10:14 – Awww … the President’s certainty of the goodwill in the room is adorable. I could just eat him with a spoon.

10:08 – Shout out to the Jobs Bill. Somewhere, Scott Brown is feeling like Bob Dylan at the Free Trade Hall.

10:07 – Let’s do this!

10:05 – Waxman is a tiny, tiny person.