The news has hit the wires:

Two police officers at the Pentagon were wounded on Thursday evening when a man walked up to them outside of the complex’s Metro station and, without saying a word, opened fire on them, Pentagon officials said.

The shooting took place about 6:40 p.m. at the entrance to the Metro station across the street from the Pentagon, prompting officials to place the huge Arlington office complex and Department of Defense headquarters on lockdown for a brief period of time. Witnesses told local news stations that they heard gunshots and saw people screaming and scrambling to get out of the area.

The shooter approached the two officers at a security screening area outside the complex and reached into his pocket, pulling out what the officers thought would be a Pentagon pass, Richard S. Keevill, the Pentagon Police Chief, said at a news conference. Instead the man pulled out a handgun and started shooting at them, prompting the officers to fire back.

“They said he walked up very cool, like there was no distress,” Chief Keevill said, quoting the officers. “He had no real emotion in his face.”

So, who is John Patrick Bedell, and what’s his problem? Since there’s obviously no reason not to engage in some irresponsible speculation at this point, let me draw attention to the following:

There’s a lot more here:

A few highlights: “Bedell stood there staring at Detective Anderson.” “Bedell just stood there in the doorway refusing to move or even acknowledge that he was being spoken to.” “Bedell acted as if he did not even hear what was being said to him.” Is this our guy?