Hi. I’m Aaron.

My job is to help people figure out whether or not their assumptions are correct before they invest heavily in the wrong things. Unfortunately, the people who most need this kind of reality-check are too deeply buried in their own fictions to ask for it. I look at this blog as pro bono work: my effort to shine a spotlight on people whose toxic confidence in their own delusions of competence is causing trouble.

Toxicon theory holds that the success of a decision-making process at achieving its participants’ expected payoff has a directly proportional relationship to those participants’ understanding of the process(es) whereby that payoff may be achieved. Rough translation: People who don’t know what they’re doing tend to do make things worse rather than better, especially when they think they do know what they’re doing.

Every word in this blog is mine unless otherwise noted. Every image in this blog was pulled off Google Image Search unless otherwise noted – if it’s yours and you don’t want me to use it, let me know and I’ll take it down. Every opinion in this blog is mine unless otherwise noted, and if you don’t like that, let me know – one of us is wrong, and maybe we can fix that. You can reach me at my gmail.com account, codename detoxicon.

AF, 2010


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